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Original title:Lori: The most ideal result of the north London derby Tottenham lore Arsenal

On May 12th, Beijing time, Tottenham captain Lloris recently accepted an interview with the media and talked about the upcoming North London derby. Lowry said that the ideal result of the north London derby is that Tottenham lore Arsenal in the last minute.

At present, the Premier League competition for the fourth place has entered a white-hot stage. The upcoming North London derby has become the most crucial battle. Arsenal will face Tottenham away. At present, the Gunners hold a four-point advantage, and Conte’s team must win at home if they want to get their chance back. In this game, Tottenham played at home, and it was the first time since their new stadium was built that the North London derby was played under the attention of all the fans. The Tottenham captain believes that playing at home will be a huge advantage for the team.

Lowry said: “The fans are like a 12th person on the pitch. We were a little unlucky and after moving into the new stadium, the previous North London derbys were played behind closed doors because of the new crown epidemic, so we are very looking forward to this. game. We know it means a lot to the fans.”

Separately, Lloris also revealed why his dream is to see Spurs prevail at the last minute, though he also insists any form of victory is good. “Football is about 90-95 minutes and you can’t really choose the right timing to score goals. Obviously, my dream is to score a goal at the last minute to get the crowd to their feet. But that’s ideal, to win. the most important.”

In addition, Tottenham striker Sun Xingmin also talked about the importance of playing in front of fans: “This will be an exciting game, a special game for us and the fans, I can’t wait. Because of the new crown virus , when I scored an incredible goal in the last North London derby[at home against Arsenal in 2020]there were only a few thousand fans in the field.”

Son Heung-min said that he hopes to score again in front of the fans in this game and help the team win.

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