Lloyd sews auxiliary masks | shoe courier

The project was initiated by Fernando Paez Rada, an employee of the men’s model department at Lloyd. The colleagues involved are using idle times between continuing sample production for the upcoming spring / summer 2021 season to produce the much-needed masks. To date, around 1,000 masks have been manufactured and donated to the local police, doctors and old people’s and nursing homes. The daily production is currently 500 pieces.

Lloyd uses a breathable material that is washable at 60 degrees. The company reports that it meets the highest hygienic standards and has an antibacterial effect. The auxiliary mask is not a medical product in the sense of the relevant official regulations and guidelines, but should help to reduce the spread of the Covid 19 virus. “We are pleased to be able to make a contribution to the common good in this way. Auxiliary masks are currently difficult to obtain, although they are very urgently needed, ”Fernando Paez Rada explains the motivation for developing the mask. “It goes without saying that we support the public bodies and the areas that keep our health and safety system running,” explains Gerd Beich, Chairman of the Lloyd works council. “We are very proud of the colleagues who have been actively involved in the development of the project and its implementation.”

The company has already received further support requests. In addition, the manufacturer takes care of the provision of masks for its own employees in administration, in production and in its own retail business for the time after the shops reopen.


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