‘Lo fingido true’, the classic by Lope de Vega arrives at the Romea Theater in Barcelona

Lluís Homar directs the 15 actors of the Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico with an adaptation that is very faithful to the original text

The National Classical Theater Company recover ‘The feigned true’the traditional tragicomedy of Lope de Vega written in 1608. Under the direction of Lluís Homarthe work is now reinvented on the stage of the Teatre Romea de Barcelonawhere it can be seen in 10 unique functions, from May 12 to 22.Israel Elejalde and Arthur Querejeta lead a cast made up of fifteen actors who give life to the verses of this theater classic in a version very close to the original text. Reality and fiction blur in this essay on the nature of human experience, where the pretense of theatrical art ends up becoming a journey towards the truth. “Lope’s gaze, his whole life and his love for the stage can be felt in this work”, assured Homar, an actor who has been in charge of this prestigious company since 2019.

The piece is structured in the form of a triptych, with three different sections but connected to each other. start with a first part set in the second half of the second century AD, in an imperial Rome that finds itself in the midst of a dizzying succession of emperors. A drama with a historical theme that recounts the turbulence that occurred in the struggle for power in a heartless, dark universe dominated by greed.

Politics and theater

The second fragment It supposes a sweetening of that cruel government thanks to the appointment of Diocletian as emperor, a modest soldier who rises with the support of his companions. In this newly acquired stability, the new leader begins to be interested in the art of theater and reflects on the social importance of the scene.

In it third act the theater became popular as an activity, and Diocletian contacted Ginés, the most important actor in the empire, so that he could play his roles there. He takes on the task of satirizing the behavior of Christians in his work, but he ends up identifying with them and developing his own faith. The fiction of the scenery is so well elaborated that the protagonist himself begins to be part of it and turns it into his reality. Theater within the theater.

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“‘The feigned true’ is considered as one of the best works of Lope de Vega, and for me it is. His text is extremely ambitious, but Lluís Homar and the rest of the cast have worked on it so well that it is exciting to watch”, affirms the director of the Romea theater Josep Maria Pou.

is the first time that the National Classical Theater Company performs at the Romeaand the work is expected to reap good attendance figures, as happened in Madrid, where the show premiered.