Loans are a matter for men and women

Who actually says that money is only a man’s business? A lot has changed in terms of financing – not least that more and more women are turning to the opportunity to use a loan to make their dreams come true. But there is also another new trend emerging.

Typically man, typically woman: The prejudices against the “opposite sex” persist in many areas, both privately and professionally. Even when it comes to the subject of consumption, money and credit, for example: “Women can’t handle money” or “Finances are a man’s business” are classic sayings. The reality in 2021 is completely different. For example, the results of various online studies and surveys on finance and credit show that men are only slightly ahead of women when it comes to taking out loans. Ali Tahtah, head of the Creditplus branch in Hanover, can only confirm this: “The man earns the money, the woman spends it – fortunately this thinking has long been a thing of the past.” His observation: The gender ratio in loan applications is now very balanced . “There are at least as many women as men in the branch.” They differ in their concerns and wishes, “but that is not related to gender, but to the respective life situation and individual life planning.”

The small difference: the doing

What actually depends on gender is how men and women approach a loan. Ali Tahtah has found that women take out a loan much more carefully: “They plan more carefully, are more forward-looking and play through possible major changes before they make a decision.” away.

Men, on the other hand, are less security-oriented when it comes to financing – and appear more self-confident in the branch: they know very well what they want to take out a loan for. Especially when it comes to certain car or motorcycle models. This self-confidence is also evident in the loan amounts: men take out higher loans than women. “The difference is not huge, but it is clear,” says Tahtah.

Doing common cause

In the meantime, as Ali Tahtah noted, the trend among men and women is increasingly towards the “common cause”. For many of his customers who live in a community, not everyone has his or her own account: “The couples increasingly have a joint account – important purchasing decisions are also considered and made together.” Be it to dream of one big trip to meet or invest in a new car or consumer electronics. “No matter what is planned: We at Creditplus Bank are happy to advise you on all aspects of individual life models and wishes – be they typical or atypical male or female.”