News Local politics: among enemies TIME ONLINE

Local politics: among enemies TIME ONLINE


Rainer and Jennifer Klotz have to
not long rummaging to equip their equipment for the demo against the right
Find. The flags with the words "Refugees welcome" and "Solidarity
is called Resistance, "which she saw a little later on Saturday afternoon in downtown
Kamp-Lintfort will be swiveled in a storage room at your fingertips
Youth Welfare Association. The Klotz couple are often on the street
gone to "defend democracy" as it says. Right now where you
Mayor threatened by rights, it is important to send a signal.
"There is a noticeable cooling off of the social atmosphere," says Rainer Klotz.
The democracy be in danger. Jennifer Klotz says: "We're slipping into one
Time as it was before 1933. "

It may like an escalation
be what Klotz says there. Even if the comparison with the Weimar Republic and
the twenties of the past century is so obvious that he already
has fallen several times.

What's actually going on in this
Country? People write hate messages driven by hate in social networks,
they formulate threatening letters against politicians, they make gallows and carry them
flaunted in the streets. They demand cleansing like in the times of
Hitler dictatorship: According to their will, officials should "gass" or
"hung up", in any case they should "perish". Words are long ago
become deeds. The hate wave against local politicians already had one
Result in fatalities. On June 2, 2019, the Kassel district president Walter
shot in front of his apartment building. And apparently only because he has the
Chancellor's refugee policy defended.

Others only came with luck
the life of it. The then Cologne OB candidate Henriette Reker was with
stabbed in the neck of an election campaign event, Altena's head of town Andreas Hollstein was attacked and injured in a snack bar. The statistics
reflects the trend: in 2019, the number of police officers recorded
Crimes against public officials and mandate holders are clear in many federal states
elevated. Nationwide, 1,241 politically motivated crimes against official and
Mandate holder recorded. A survey by Report Munich revealed that more than
40 percent of municipal administrations experience with hate mail,
Intimidation and assault.

But it's not just that
Politicians who have to be afraid. Paramedics, police officers and
Job center employees are attacked, insulted and mobbed. Anti-Semitism too
gains ground. In Halle, a suspected right-wing extremist wanted Jews in one
Shoot the synagogue and then killed a pedestrian first and then
a guest in a kebab snack bar. Just recently, the Jewish pianist Igor Levit Tagesspiegel publicly that he received death threats. His look
on the country is worrying. The moral direction is no longer correct
he also writes in view of the threat to politicians
Right-wing extremists. "More division, more hostility, more exclusion instead
Cohesion, integration and respect. "CDU boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer
speaks of an "expression of itself in view of the threat scenarios
changing climates in our society ".

Since the arrival of the refugees
In 2015, when the AfD created the myth of breaking the law, threats were made against
Local politicians more and more often. Officers resign because of you
Life is better than engagement in constant fear. Others try that
To defy the threat landscape, however, do not want potential perpetrators
deliver defenseless. Christoph Landscheidt is a SPD politician, law professor,
Mayor of Kamp-Lintfort since 1999 and was involved in the last election
almost 88 percent confirmed in office. He applied for a gun license because he
is said to be threatened by right-wing radicals and no longer
feels safe. He had posters during the EU election campaign last year
let the right-wing extremist party hang out. Slogans like "Israel
is our misfortune "and" We don't just hang posters "he wanted in his
Do not tolerate the community. The right-wing radicals then filed a complaint
threats also started.



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