Local sport Without Sax and Hanstein, the old people’s home was lost, according to the reports from Ortenau

In the 19:30 defeat at leaders TV Friesenheim, the national league handball players of TuS Altenheim showed morale.

The absence of back shooter Nadine Sax (back) was too great a burden for Altenheim, who was tenth in the table, especially since Melanie Hanstein also had to end the game early due to injury problems.

Nevertheless, Altenheim showed backbone over long stretches of the game and put up brave resistance. Coach Martin Valo after the end of the game: “We were on par for 20 minutes. Due to our failures, we were missing ten safe goals. You don’t win like that when you’re first in the table. We are in a relegation battle and have to get the points elsewhere!”

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It was due to the lack of penetrating power in Altenheim’s attack that evening that Böhnemann & Co. were already leading 17:9 at halftime and were able to develop their dreaded, fast switching game to a deserved victory.

Goals for Friesenheim: Böhnemann 12, Orana 5/2, Rinora Tafa 4, Wohlschlegel, Meier, Adelina Tafa 2 each, Betzler, Weber-Eble 1 each, Braun 1/1.

Gates for retirement home: Nautascher 4, Häß, Anja Mannßardt 3 each, Holtmann 3/1, Katja Mannßhardt 2, Hanstein, Förster, Heini, Hörnig 1 each.