To find out if the company you are dealing with provides you with the agreed speed or not, there is a list of famous sites that will help you to measure the Internet speed in your home easily.

Ookla Speedtest

One of the most popular internet speed testing services is Ookla Speedtest. This service can measure your network connection response. For download speed, accurate measurements are given, and you can compare these numbers as quickly as your ISP.

Netflix has its own Internet speed test called, which is completely browser dependent, and all you have to do is direct your browser to The test will run automatically and show the download speed when you're finished.


What distinguishes this tool is the actual time graph that tracks the fluctuations in speed during the test run, and can also provide you with reports for all the tests you have done for comparison.

The testing platform was analyzing the famous Internet speeds Ookla has been revealed In a recent report that Egypt ranked 85th in terms of the speed of the Internet through mobile phones worldwide, with an average speed of 15.40 megabits per second, down one position from January.

According to the report, the index showed Speedtest Global For the month of February that Norway Is the world's top mobile Internet service provider with a download speed of 62.07 Mbps.

Singapore has a high position in terrestrial internet speed with an average download speed of 161.53 Mbps.

It is worth mentioning that the index Speedtest Global Compares Internet speed data from around the world monthly, and the company has 7011 servers worldwide.



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