Ločmele sees an ethical violation at his disposal on May 10; a warning shall be issued to the Member

On Wednesday, May 25, the Saeima Commission on Mandates, Ethics and Submissions decided to issue a written warning to the deputy Regina Ločmele (S) regarding the violation of the Code of Ethics of the Saeima Deputies.

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The committee took the decision after examining a submission from MP Jānis Iesalnieks (NA) calling for an evaluation of Ločmele’s actions on 9 and 10 May.

The Commission found that Ločmele had violated Paragraphs 4, 5, 6, 8 and 20 of the Code of Ethics for Members of the Saeima.

They stipulate that the deputy honestly observes the commitment expressed in the solemn promise of the Saeima deputy, respects and always observes the Satversme, the Saeima Rules of Procedure and other regulatory enactments, as well as the deputy is morally responsible for his actions (speeches, votes) and cannot excuse the government or pressure from others to justify voting against their conscience. The Member admits his mistakes and tries to correct them.

The Code of Ethics also stipulates that a Member shall not use any statement or support that may be construed as incitement to commit an offense, respect human rights, or invoke his or her opponent’s race, gender, color, nationality, language, religion, social origin or health status. In his personal life, however, a deputy does not do anything that would undermine the prestige of the Saeima or create doubts about his or her ability to perform the duties of a deputy in good faith.

The Credentials Commission will send a warning to Ms Ločmele.

The portal “Delfi” has already written that on May 18 the Saeima Commission for Mandates, Ethics and Submissions decided to initiate a case on the actions of Lochmele, calling on its social network followers to violate the restrictions set by the Law on the Day of Remembrance of Victims in Ukraine on May 9 and 10.

MP Jānis Iesalnieks (NA), who addressed the Saeima commission with an application, called for an evaluation of Ločmele’s actions. In it, the participant points out that in accordance with the Law “On Determining the Day of Remembrance of Victims and Deaths in Ukraine”, May 9 was declared the day of remembrance of victims and deaths in Ukraine in Latvia this year, during which any public entertainment and holiday events are prohibited.

Also, the Law on the Security of Public Entertainment and Festive Events stipulates that it is prohibited to hold such events closer than 200 meters from any monument glorifying the victory and memory of the Soviet army or its soldiers in the territory of Latvia.

The MP points out that Lochmele has shared several entries in her social network profiles, which show that on May 9 and 10 this year she not only violated the above-mentioned legal norms, but also encouraged her followers to violate them.

“On May 9 (Mourning Day), she shared a post in Russian on her Facebook profile claiming that May 9 had always been a holiday for her and her supporters -” Victory Day “, closing the post with a congratulatory message on this” holiday “and supplementing it with a photograph in which, together with several other members of the “Harmony” party, is located at the monument glorifying the victory of the Soviet army in Pārdaugava, Victory Park (hereinafter referred to as “Occupier”), apparently closer than 200 meters from this object, “writes Iesalnieks.

The application also states that on May 10, Ločmele posted photos on her Facebook profile, in which she can be seen during the day with various people participating in an unannounced event at Okupekls, as well as much closer than the 200 meters required by law.

The participant also points out that on May 12 the State Police published information about the established violations of the law on May 10 under the “occupier”, including the initiated administrative violation proceedings regarding the organization of an unauthorized gathering against Lochmel. However, at the sitting of the commission, the deputy indicated that there were no documents that would confirm the fact mentioned in the submission that proceedings had been initiated against him for violations of the law.

Andris Zellis, Deputy Chief of the State Police, informed that a total of three administrative violation proceedings have been initiated against Ločmelis, but all are under investigation and no decisions have been made yet. According to Zellis, one lawsuit was initiated about the fact that Lochmele sang songs at the Victory Park on May 10, which, given the specific place and the call issued by the State Security Service (SSD), is considered to be a glorification of Russia’s military aggression.

The State Police has initiated a second case regarding the invitation placed on Ločmele’s Facebook profile on May 10 to come to the victory park to lay flowers. In doing so, the deputy may have violated the prohibition established in the law on marches, meetings and pickets.

The third administrative violation case was initiated for a possible violation of the law, with Ločmele being closer than 200 meters from the monument in an unauthorized event, although the law prohibits it.

Commenting on the participant’s application, Ločmele provided an insight into his belief in democratic values, as well as an insight into the history of the deputies. According to her, the laying of flowers on May 9 and 10 was not prohibited, which was confirmed by the State Police.

In turn, the statement circulated by the SLS on May 9 not to gather, according to the deputy, is “clearly ideological and contains an interpretation of the law”.

“The provisions of the law cited by the participant apply to events, although I can confirm that there were no events in the park on May 9 and 10. As the venue was in the park, anyone could not only be there, but also walk. No law restricts the movement of people , “Lochmele said.

On the occasion of the reprimands on May 10, she stressed that this day was no longer a day of remembrance for the victims of Ukraine. She emphasized that the laying of flowers on May 10 at the monument was not an organized event, but a “spontaneous action”, emotionally reacting to the fact that the tractor blocked the flowers placed at the monument on May 9 on May 10.

She also stressed that in her posts on Facebook, she did not invite people to celebrate.

In Ločmele’s opinion, Iesalnieks’ application is ideologically motivated to show that the deputy is a supporter of other values.

Assessing the administrative violation proceedings initiated by the State Police, Lochmele said that this is a normal process, as it involves both investigation and decision-making, as well as three stages of appealing against the police decision. “I will definitely use it. I do not see any violations in my actions,” Locchmele emphasized. Vitalijs Orlovs (S), a member of her party, also expressed confidence that Ločmele did not have any violations of the law.

It has already been reported that the State Police has initiated a total of 49 administrative violation proceedings in Latvia by 9 pm on May 9, most of them in the Riga region – 20, while in Latgale region 19, but in Kurzeme and Zemgale regions five each, according to its information.