Automotive experts conducted a comparison of the speed characteristics of the 2nd generation Renault Logan with Hyundai Solaris and were impressed by the agility of the French car.

The models were compared with 1.6-liter engines and a manual transmission, but the Logan had an updated engine, H4M from Nissan. The previous generation Logan outright lost the race Hyundai Solaris, but the new generation sedan, thanks to a modified powerplant, the situation changed to the root. Against "Solaris" went to compete "Logan" 2017 release with 30,000 kilometers.

The ride took place on a straight asphalt road in good sunny weather and Renault Logan II managed to surprise the experts. They noted that the “Frenchman” had started much more confidently than his opponent, however, due to the short first gear, he lost a little in speed. But, having switched to the second, he was still able to outrun Hyundai Solaris for a short time, although, in the end, he still lost about half the size. In general, experts noted that if a more experienced driver was driving a “Logan”, he would have won the race.

The experts also added that there is no consensus about which version of the Renault Logan engine is more preferable: some people like the original Renault engine, which, according to the authors of the video, quietly travels 500,000 km without major repairs, more for simplicity, durability and reliability . However, for those who appreciate high-speed performance and fuel economy, and also do not pay attention to the increasing need to visit car dealers for the purpose of repair, the Japanese engine seems to be the preferred option.



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