Login Today, Get 1 Free Skin Mobile Legends!

Make you loyal players Mobile Legends, don’t miss it, you have to log in today (08 July 2021), to get 1 free skin from Moonton.

Moonton is currently distributing free skins to players Mobile Legends wherever they are.

Anyone can also get the skin, either the Legends rank up or the Legend rank down.

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Then how to get free skins MLBB from the Moonton? What are the ways? Listen well!

Skin Free MLBB

The skin that Moonton will give away for free to all players is the Moonstruck skin from the hero Chang’e.

How to get it yourself is very easy, here’s the procedure:

  • Login to your Mobile Legends account for 6 consecutive days.
  • If so, just claim the skin in the event section or mailbox.
  • Done.

The event period will start today, July 8, 2021 starting at 15.00 WIB or 3 pm until July 18, 2021.

Moonton gives you time to complete this mission for more than 1 week, so there is a great opportunity for you to have a skin Change.

lucky spin change mobile legends

Once again, we remind you not to forget to login today at 15.00 WIB to start the task given by Moonton to get this free skin Change.

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