Loire: a 50-year-old lives surrounded by several hundred Smurfs in her house

Mireille Tardy (57), a resident of La Tour-en-Jarez (Loire), loves the Smurfs. She collected more than 300 little blue men for several years.

years of collecting

The Smurfs are comic book characters created by Peyo in the late 1950s. They are little blue men living in a mushroom village, in the middle of a big forest. Since his childhood, Mireille Tardy loves the Smurfs, and “about 12 or 13 years ago”she had started collecting them in La Tour-en-Jarez (Loire).

Famous Smurfs, rare pieces…

According to West Francethis woman, now 57, has brought together more than 300 little blue men home, with the help of her sister and her children. She has the most famous Smurfs, which she bought on the internet. It also has rare pieces like the Château de Gargamelle.

“I will never sell them. It’s a family heirloom”

Mireille Tardy is proud of her collection. She would have spent more than a thousand euros to collect these little blue creatures. “Their ribs have evolved a lot”recognizes the fifties, but she does not intend to sell them. “It’s a family heirloom. They made my children happy and will make my grandchildren happy”she confided.