Loire-Atlantique: a retired couple stabbed by their son during the eve


A family drama came to spoil the celebrations of the New Year’s Eve Sunday evening, December 31, in Loire-Atlantique. A retired couple living in Remouillé, near Aigrefeuille-sur-Maine, about 25 kilometers from Nantes, who celebrated New Year’s Eve at home with their son and friends, was stabbed around midnight.
according to The Parisian it was the 34-year-old son who assaulted his parents. The friends present on the spot took refuge with neighbors and gave the alert around midnight and a half. Relief immediately went to the scene and found the two seriously injured septuagenarians. Their son was prostrate on the couch next to them.
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Faced with the critical state of health of the victims, the firefighters immediately organized their evacuation to the nearest hospital. But the 70-year-old mother did not survive her injuries. The father was fired from him. He would be out of danger now.
The gendarmes were still trying on Monday morning to understand what could trigger such an outburst of violence in this individual.
The thirty-year-old, known to suffer from psychiatric antecedents, was placed in custody by the gendarmes. A psychiatric report will have to establish if he was responsible for his acts at the time of the facts. And judge him accordingly or decide on his internment.


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