Loire: he tries to commit suicide and fires shots as the train passes

This Monday, June 6, a man from the Rhône attempted to commit suicide near Regny in the Loire. He then fired several shots at a passing train.

He tried to throw himself under a train near Regny in the Loire this Monday, June 6 in the early evening. The latter has delighted at the last momentafter lying down on the tracks.

The 32-year-old man, originally from the Rhône, had armed with a gun. As the train passed, which he had narrowly avoided, he fired several shots in the air.
The train driver stopped the machine, and the individual lying down again in front of the TER which provided the link between Lyon and Roanne.

A negotiator sent on the spot

The gendarmes were alerted and went to the scene, accompanied by a negotiator. When they arrived, they tried to calm the man, who, according to Le Progrès, was asking the soldier to shoot him to end his life.

After discussion, the man laid down his gun and surrendered. He was taken to a psychiatric hospital and An investigation has been opened for assault with a weapon.

The trains affected

Five trains were impacted by the incident, causing big delays on the line. Traffic was able to resume around 10:20 p.m.