LOK Report – Bremen: Mobility Department advises EU Commission on urban mobility

Bremen has been selected as one of the 25 European cities for the European Commission’s Expert Group on Urban Mobility. The group aims to contribute its expertise to the formulation of European policies, programs and projects.

Mobility issues are of particular political importance in all European cities. Cities of different sizes and from different regions and the member countries as well as associations from the automotive industry to environmental organizations are represented in the expert group. “In addition to cities such as Barcelona, ​​Stockholm, the greater Paris area and Groningen, Bremen is also one of the selected cities. Maike Schaefer, Senator for Climate Protection, Environment, Mobility, Urban Development and Housing.

“Bremen will take the initiative in this advisory body in order to address possible solutions to the problem of competing uses in the narrow urban street space. The situation in Bremen’s districts is similar in many other cities. It doesn’t matter whether it’s charging options for electric cars or charging zones for delivery traffic, whether climate adaptation or bicycle parking – everything needs space. The European concepts must also refer more closely to this,” announced the senator at the first meeting of the group of experts in Brussels on Tuesday (October 25, 2022).

Bremen is represented in the European group of experts by Michael Glotz-Richter, consultant for sustainable mobility, who has been active for Bremen in European projects for around 25 years and was awarded the ‘CiViTAS Lifetime Award’ by the EU Commission for his work in 2019. Numerous mobility projects in Bremen have been funded by the EU Commission in recent years, including the ELIPTIC project for the electrification of public transport, the SUNRISE project for mobility in districts, ULaaDS for innovative logistics or SHARE-North for car sharing and other forms of shared mobility . Bremen has received several international awards for mobility projects. “Questions on mobility often lead to discussions in narrow streets – that’s why European exchange is extremely important to us. We can learn from others there, just as our projects are a good example for many other cities,” Schaefer continues.

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