LOL! Virtuous Netherlands furious with Jort Kelder because of comment about Asians and Squid Game

Jort Kelder is under fire for making some “controversial” statements about Asians, cruelty, and the Squid Game at Op1. According to the whole of Deugend Nederland, that was racist to the core. And so it must of course – how could it be otherwise – be cancelled.

I am not a fan of Jort Kelder. Yeah, okay, sometimes he says some good things, but when push comes to shove, he’s just plain the best friend by Mark Rutte. But every now and then you have to stand up for him as a true Dutchman. So now. Because Jort is under fire. The reason? He has made some non-politically correct comments about the Squid Game and Asians.

At Op1 said Kelder that “Asians combine precision and delicacy with sheer brutality. Think of how animals are treated, in the Asian world whole pieces are extracted from live fish.” Of course he could have given many more examples, but hey, apparently he has a thing for fishing and that’s what he really likes.

Deugers pislink

Professor of Korean Studies Remco Breuker was also there and intervened during the broadcast. Because saying things like this about Asians? That is not possible! “It is demonstrably untrue what Kelder said and he lumps more than fifty countries together,” Breuker complained to the ANP afterwards. sia is very big. It’s such an easy way to feel better than someone else by attributing all kinds of negative characteristics to “the Asian.” We really need to get rid of that in the Netherlands in 2021.”

He also called the comments “racist.” Because you can say anything and everything about white people. That is never racist. But once about asking “Asians” in general, and hey presto, you’re out of luck.

Other Deugers are therefore also furious:

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Maybe Kelder learns from this that Deugers are not his friends?

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