Lombardy, Conte: “If the Democratic Party wants to sit down at the table, we are here. Majorino? Close to us, but the issues first”. He: “A good approach from the M5s”

A press conference together with the Lombard group of 5 star movement to illustrate the strategy for the next ones Regionals. And above all, send signals to the Democratic party. Joseph Contejust over two weeks from the aut aut ai dem sul Lazio which led to the definitive split, he presented himself in front of journalists with his followers and spoke of the conditions for negotiating the reconstruction of the alliance in the North. “If the Democratic Party wants to demonstrate that having treasured past mistakes we are here, if you want to sit at the discussion table, we are available, here as elsewhere, but we must do it with criteria and method”. Phrases that it is still early to interpret, but which evoke that tepid openness that the former premier had hinted at the presentation of the book by Goffredo Bettini for Paper First: “If his line prevails, it will be easy to find each other again,” he said. The 5 Star Movement has prepared a “serious and solid proposal tailored to the citizens of Lombardy,” he said today. But he also wanted to underline that the pentastellati are ready “to confront the other political and social forces“, without “bottom compromises”. “We do not intend to negotiate our values ​​and principles. Our attitude doesn’t change,” she said. “The programs come first and then we will discuss the candidates who could be the best interpreters.

The problem is that the dem, after the chaos and doubts about the case Letizia Morattihave decided to launch the candidacy of Pierfrancesco Majorino. Which is also one of the few names on which the 5 stars could open a dialogue: “He is a candidate for the Democratic Party,” Conte said in response to a question from journalists in the room, “we don’t want to discuss “Majorino yes, Majorino no”. He raved about it to me a person very close to the issues that are close to our hearts, therefore nothing to say about the person, but the M5s does not agree to discuss candidates nor does it want to anticipate and agree to decide on the best interpreter before having defined which is the best program. We are not available, with all due respect to the choices made by other political forces, but we are not anyone’s branch”. So “nothing to say about the person, but the M5s does not agree to discuss candidates by deciding on the interpreter before having defined what is the best program“. In short, “we are not anyone’s branch nor do we want to stamp choices made independently by others”. And again: “Our attitude does not change, it is always the same, linear and coherent: programs come firstfirst the political priorities and then we will discuss the candidates who can be the best interpreters”.

An opening that the Democratic candidate for his part is quick to grasp. “The M5s makes a good contribution in terms of content and a willingness to confront on issues before on people. I honestly think a good approach“, He says. “As far as we are concerned”, he adds, “on Saturday 3 December we will present the heart of our proposal for the future of Lombardy. In the center-left we will discuss the best strategies and choices to give the Region a different government from the clearly inadequate one of Fontana “. The left wing of the potential coalition also applauds Conte’s words: “Great news. I hope this opportunity is seized, Majorino is an excellent candidate, there is room for finding convergences of a programmatic nature”, says the leader of the Italian Left Nicola Fratoianni a Metropolis on Repubblica TV. And the regional secretary Paolo Matteucci confirms: “We are available as the Italian Left to discuss the merits with the programmatic proposals presented today by the M5s. It seems to us that there is consistency with what was discussed together until last July. Conte’s openness in appreciating the figure of Majorino is important, we have always thought that he could be an interlocutor also recognized by the M5s and we believe that this path of comparison can produce a broadening of the democratic and progressive coalition in the interest of all Lombard citizens”.

At the press conference, the 5-star leader also spoke about the presidential candidate supported by Action-Italy alive: “We can’t mix the teams and maybe run after the candidacy of Letizia Moratti. I don’t like talking about individual people and individual candidates,” she said. “However it is clear that centre-right, right-wing forces are not fighting against centre-right candidates. I respect all the candidates, however it is clear that we have another political perspective, we embrace another vision. We want interpreters who know how to start convincingly from well-recognized sensibilities on issues that are qualifying for us”. Speaking of healthcare in Lombardy “a few months ago the regional councilors of the 5-star movement forcefully said these things in the headquarters where they usually work for the citizens, in the regional council with the result that they were expelled. It was a wound that now is the time to heal. The last word belongs to the citizens who will decide whether the 5-star Movement, with the other political forces with which we will present this project, deserve to be expelled, or if perhaps those who decreed the expulsion from the courtroom do not deserve to be sent home and have great responsibility for the management of healthcare in Lombardy. Perhaps this red card should be shown to those who have managed healthcare in an ineffective and efficient way in the region, not to mention other issues“.