A British supporter of the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) has been imprisoned for at least 25 years for, inter alia, calling for a terrorist attack on little Prince George. Husnain Raschid had shared a photo of the four-year-old and his school’s address in a news app to provide “suitable targets” for a “lone-wolf” attack.
Judge Andrew Lees said this at the verdict on Friday. The court in London condemned the 32-year-old to life imprisonment for preparing a terrorist offense, but at least 25 years in prison. Rashid had uploaded a photo of the school in October, which the four-year-old son of William and Kate visited at the time since a few weeks. “Not even the royal family is left alone,” he wrote to the photo. And: “The school starts earlier.” The message was clear, Lees said: Prince George and other members of the royal family should be recognized as potential targets. “Lone wolves” are individuals who radicalize over the Internet without having direct contact with extremist organizations such as the IS. The accused Briton had previously been the call for attack already. He is also said to have called for attacks with poisoned ice cream and attacks on football stadiums. In addition, he has to Syria to travel and want to join the IS. He also worked according to the prosecution on an online magazine with tips for potential individuals who plan attacks. The jobless web designer was arrested last November. In the video: Fremdscham moment on Queen visit: Trump does not understand royal instructions


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