London taxis will pay for tires according to miles driven

Normally, one buys tires for some money and drives them until the tread wears off or they are too old. However, the British company Enso comes up with a different idea.

Enso is a tire manufacturer and has introduced a special TX1 tire designed to extend the range of electric London taxis. The first hundred of them will soon receive them, writes the website Autocar, which brings the news.

Enso tires used by UK Post electric vans.

Photo: Enso

Why taxis, especially electric ones? They are the best candidate for these tires due to high mileage. The electric drive is again good because of the high torque of the electric motor and the higher weight. Combined, these factors mean that tires wear out much more quickly than on regular cars.

However, drivers who will use TX1 tires will not pay for them when fitted. They will instead pay a flat fee based on how many miles they drive. It should be roughly one pence per mile, or 1.79 pence per kilometer.

How much the driver has driven will be monitored by the telematics of the financial company Zeti, which already offers vehicle rentals with payment according to the miles driven. Among other things, its offer includes cars from LEVC, the manufacturer of London’s electric taxis.

The company already supplies tires to the forwarding company DPD, London’s public transport and also the British Post Office. The tires also received an A rating from the German company TÜV SÜD.