London: Ukrainians have implemented a successful operation near Bakhmut

As reported, the fighting continues in Bakhmut, however, the shelling by the Russians has become less intense compared to the last few weeks.

“One of the most significant successes of the recent Ukrainian operations is likely to be the repelling of the Russian fighters of the Wagner group from road 0506,” the report said.

This second-class country road connecting Chasivyar and Khromov had become an important supply line for the Ukrainian defenders. Until recently, “Wagner” was a few hundred meters away from it.

Russian media reported on Sunday that Wagner had taken control of the Azom factory complex north of Bakhmut, but the area is still understood to be fighting, as it has been for the past two weeks.

“Since ‘Wagner’ has confirmed that he has released (after his expected time in the war) no less than 5,000 warriors recruited from among the prisoners, the lack of personnel has hampered Russian offensive efforts in this sector,” the British intelligence report said.