Long Covid-19 can happen to children, these are the symptoms

Jakarta, Beritasatu.com – The Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) stated the case long Covid-19 can also happen to children. That is why, parents are asked to continue testing children who are in close contact with family or people infected with Covid-19, even if the child does not show symptoms or mild symptoms.

“Don’t skimp on PCR, including for children because in the end cases can go undetected,” said the General Chairperson of IDAI, Aman Bhakti Pulungan, at a press conference for the Mitigation Team of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) and 5 professional medical organizations, Sunday (27/6/ 2021).

Safe to say symptoms long Covid-19 in children can be in the form of children becoming weak, not concentrating, shortness of breath, hair loss, joint pain, and others. Therefore, he asked parents not to take Covid-19 lightly and then invite their children to travel outside.

“In 4, 6, or 8 months, our children will not know that they have contracted Covid-19. Eventually, he becomes weak, can’t concentrate, has shortness of breath, his hair falls out, and so on,” said Aman.

According to Aman, the national PCR rate is still low, even though only a few provinces have PCR levels according to World Health Organization (WHO) standards. This situation has caused many cases to go undetected, including the lack of transparency of data on Covid-19 cases in children in all provinces in Indonesia.

“This is a problem. I remind you, if we don’t want to test, PCR on children. We are afraid that there will be symptoms long Covid-19 in children. What is happening now and in the future, has happened to us, has already happened in India,” said Aman.

Aman urges parents not to take their children out of the house except for urgent needs. The increase in Covid-19 cases in children is a reminder for parents or adults to be disciplined in implementing health protocols.

“Avoid taking children out of the house unless it is urgent. This is the time to teach children to be disciplined in complying with health protocols,” he said.

Aman said confirmed cases of Covid-19 in children aged 0-18 years currently reached 12.6%. Meanwhile, the proportion of deaths from confirmed cases in these children was 1.2%.

“IDAI urges all activities involving children aged 0-18 to be held online,” continued Aman.

Safe also asks parents to complete routine immunizations for their children to prevent other dangerous diseases. In addition, the provision of breast milk (ASI) as the main nutrition for children aged 0-6 months must be encouraged.

“Let us take care of Indonesian children together, fulfill their right to live and be healthy both physically and mentally for a better future,” said Aman.

Source: BeritaSatu.com