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Home News Long imprisonment for serial rapists - Panorama

Long imprisonment for serial rapists – Panorama

  • From May to August 2018 two women were raped in Lübeck, two more escaped the perpetrator.
  • It was striking that the attacks always took place on a Sunday morning in the same environment.
  • The district court of Lübeck has sentenced a 30-year-old to eight years and three months imprisonment, he confessed to the deeds.

Last summer, a serial rapist in Lübeck attacked a total of four women. Now, the verdict against the 30-year-old defendant has fallen: the man has eight years and three months in prison, announced the district court Lübeck. With the verdict, the court essentially followed the motion of the prosecutor who had demanded a prison sentence of nine years. The defense had requested six years in prison.

The defendant had confessed the deeds to the trial in mid-January. "I admit I did what I'm being told, and I know that was a bad thing," he said at the time. He had drunk a lot and smoked hashish and marijuana, thereby losing control.

Defendant admits rape series

Last summer in Lübeck four women were attacked by a man. It is striking that the perpetrator always at the same time, in the same place struck.

A total of two women were raped by the man, with two others he had tried. It was striking that the attacks always took place on a Sunday morning on or on the edge of Lübeck's old town. He was always in the early morning with friends in bars or discos, on the way home he then robbed the women, the accused explained.

One of the victims, a 24-year-old apprentice, testified during the trial that the defendant had hit her head with full force on the floor. Afterwards he raped her three times under the arcades at the Marienkirche in Lübeck.

A 23-year-old medical assistant, narrowly escaped the rape. "He was a lot smaller than me, so I grabbed him by the neck and choked him until he let me go," said the woman, who claims to be 1.80 meters tall. "I knew he would rape me if I did not resist."

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How to deal better with victims of rape

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