Long lines of Schiphol passengers in the sun, ‘but continues well’ | Inland

“We provide water where necessary and luckily the rows continue well,” said the spokesperson. Schiphol is once again experiencing a great day in terms of crowds. Approximately 174,000 arriving and departing passengers are processed.

Lines have been formed outside to regulate access to the airport terminal. Some of the queues are covered and offer protection from sun and rain, but at peak times the queue with waiting travelers is longer. No incidents have occurred, the spokesperson said.

One of those waiting on Saturday was the Dutch ambassador to Malta, Frank Keurhorst. He was one of the travelers who posted pictures on Twitter of the queues, which sometimes required more than three hours of patience. “It’s good to see that everyone is patient. Respect for the security personnel who have to do their job under these difficult circumstances. #schipholchaos,” he wrote, among other things.

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