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Long live Simone-Marianne – Release

That would be a hell of a class. That would be a strong gesture, meaning, and at the same time not really risky, given its legitimacy. In truth, it is obvious: that the next Marianne, symbol of the French Republic and the virtuous triptych "freedom, equality, fraternity", take the features of Simone Veil: the idea was issued Tuesday by Fabienne Keller, on behalf of the Agir Group, of which she is the Vice President. The Senator from Strasbourg has been the subject of a letter addressed to President Macron, in which she argues in particular: «Simone Veil […] embodies France, its honor, its grandeur, its courage and its dignity in any situation and in adversity. […] The life of Simone Veil is a call to refuse all compromises with extremists, populists, merchants of misfortune. "

Simone Veil, survivor of the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp, number 78651 – her father, mother and brother did not survive. Simone Veil, who became a senior civil servant in the Ministry of Justice, then first woman secretary general of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary. Simone Veil, appointed in 1974 Minister of Health and to which we owe the law that allowed the legalization of abortion, that she carried from end to end, inflexible even under the lazzis, so that the images of her fight in the National Assembly are part of the hard drive of French history. Simone Veil, President of the European Parliament, member of the Constitutional Council, of the French Academy, Pantheon 1st July 2018, one year after his death.

Clearly, Simone Veil ticks so many boxes, resilience to excellence through perseverance, that being represented by it would be an excellent narcissistic and collective trip. A reflection much more rewarding than the disgusting anti-Semitic, and more broadly xenophobic, conveyed by the swastikas recently tagged on his portrait that adorns mailboxes XIIIe Paris district, by these insults on the front of a restaurant, by vandalizing the trees planted in memory of Ilan Halimi – remember that the number of anti-Semitic acts jumped 74% in 2018 (Release of Tuesday). Deploring or being ashamed that our society (us, therefore) can generate this endemic ignominy is one thing. To give the features of Simone Veil to Marianne would be more resolute, we would grow, would mean that this face soiled by hatred is ours. And that he is our most noble profile.

Sabrina Champenois



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