Long sitting causes several serious diseases .. Details!

Long sitting causes several serious diseases .. Details!

A recent study suggests that sitting on an office all day or spending hours watching TV can damage the brain with a mechanism that goes beyond fear of dementia.

While researchers have long known that a sedentary lifestyle is bad for physical health, raising the risk of heart disease, diabetes and early death, this is the first study to show the impact of this behavior on mental health.

Scientists from the University of California studied a sample of 35 people between the ages of 45 and 65 and were questioned about the number of hours they spend sitting around the week.

Participants were screened for high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging, for a detailed look at an area known as the Mediterranean temporal lobe, an important area in the formation of new memories.

The researchers found that those who reported more sitting hours had thin brain structures, and because researchers say they can not verify that stable behavior is responsible, they have launched a long-term study to find out whether there is a link between stable behavior and brain health .

The temporal lobe of the Mediterranean can be a sign of cognitive decline and dementia in middle-aged and older adults.

The researchers show that moving and doing multiple activities can be a successful way to ban dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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