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Longer working life: one third of employees and half of managers are not ready

Working longer is more than ever in the air. In the Assembly, Prime Minister Édouard Philippe announced on Tuesday "incentives" to delay retirements. And this Thursday, the Pension Guidance Board will present its annual report which should reveal a delay in the return to balanced plans. Instead of 2022, it would not be expected until 2040. What to feed the proponents of an extension of professional life.

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But are employers ready to keep the over 55s, who today account for 16% of assets? And are the "seniors" – the over 45s – ready to work longer?

In this context, the mutualist group Malakoff Médéric Humanis asked Harris Interactive * to survey 400 business executives and 1,003 employees of private and public companies to find out how they perceive this lengthening of working life. "This is a subject that concerns everyone, for different reasons," reports Anne-Sophie Gandon, director of innovation of the mutualist group. One-third of all employees, and six out of ten managers are worried about this prospect. "

"Fatigue physical and psychological, difficulty keeping up the pace", "health problems", "feeling of professional wear" top the fears of more than 8 employees in ten face the lengthening of career. Among people over 45, the fear of running out of energy after 62 years affects 9 out of 10 respondents.

"There is a real issue of physical and mental health"

In vain we say that in France we are aging in better health, employers are only 47% to think that seniors "can bring a lot to the company". For half of the managers, career growth is synonymous with "increased risk of occupational accidents and illness, work stoppages and resistance to change". They are also worried about the cost of future prevention measures and the multiplication of pension reforms. But, paradoxically, when managers are asked if the presence of a senior in the team is "a positive thing", 68% respond positively, evoking "their competence, their commitment and their autonomy".

"There is a real issue of physical and mental health," says Anne-Sophie Gandon. Job retention issue that all companies are not equal to. "It's much harder for a small business to offer a suitable job or part time to a senior. And harder to cope with rising health insurance costs, "says the director of innovation. As a result, only 21% of the surveyed executives put in place actions to encourage seniors to stay in business.

"Senior", a stigma factor

In the top 5 of the measures taken by these leaders appears in the head "the transmission of skills" (80%). The change of position for hard jobs (75%) or the arrangement of working time (67%) and part time (65%) come behind, while these points are among the highest among the employees surveyed. And if executives begin to invest in keeping seniors at work, they are especially interested in a "support preparation" for their retirement.

"The challenge is to maintain the employability of seniors, summarizes Anne-Sophie Gandon. A change of mentalities is necessary. "No doubt he passes by the disappearance of the term" senior "stigmatization factor of over 45 years according to the survey.

* Survey conducted by Harris Interactive by telephone and online from February 14 to March 4, 2019 among 400 company executives and 1,003 employees of public or private companies.


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