“Look at how the Bulgarian president tames the Burst !”

“Look at how the Bulgarian president tames the Burst !”


This was the climax of the visit to France of the president of bulgaria Rumen Radev, received by Emmanuel Macron. A kind of icing on the cake, a “a gift that cannot be refused”, according to the man himself : a tower in quick succession. With regards to host Bulgarian, precision of size : ex-general aviation known for his prowess at the controls of a MiG to the soviet in the sky of Sofia, Rumen Radev was not going to be content to play the passengers. He was about to fly the plane.

Invited for the occasion, on the 6th of December, at the air base of Saint-Dizier (in the East), Bulgarian journalists could not miss it. the “Look at how the president Radev tames the Burst !” as the daily popular Trud. The site of the presidency and the profile Facebook of Rumen Radev have provided the rest : photos and videos of this event referred to as“exceptional” by the Bulgarian press.

A“plane amazing”

Rumen Radev has actually taken place in a model of Rafale twin seater for a training flight of approximately one hour, during which the aircraft has “attacked ground targets and engaged in an air combat against a other device”. come back down to earth, the Bulgarian president said he was blown away by the machine, which would, according to his words, exceeded all its expectations. the “It really is a plane incredible,” he said. And, as if to reassure his audience of the Bulgarian, and he said he had “held the controls for most of the year ‘ – the French driver tells a slightly different version of the flight…

The journalists have not failed to ask him if Bulgaria was not going to, finally, fall for the French Rafale. A member of Nato since 2004, the country had decided in June 2016, to purchase eight combat aircraft – new or used – for a maximum value of 770 million euros. But the procedure has still not been resolved to this day. While the previous government had opted in the beginning of the year for the Swedish Gripen new, the new government now considers the possibility of acquiring american F-16s or Eurofighter.

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