Look carefully at the picture.. what you see first will reveal a lot about your personality!

A new optical illusion that draws the attention of activists on social networking sites, and increases their questions.

The hoax, published by the British newspaper, The Sun, bears two images and two interpretations, according to what you see first in the image.

What do you see at first glance dear viewer in the picture?

According to an explanation published by the Bright Side channel on YouTube, the two options are either a woman looking out the window or a skull.

If you notice that the woman is looking out the window first, you are probably someone who tends to overlook risks, that is, you don’t notice it. So you may be risking your life without even realizing it.

Sometimes you are very spontaneous and a bit naive, which is why you may often find yourself unprepared for the unpleasant consequences of your actions and choices.

But if you see the skull first, you are probably realistic and not idealistic.

You may seem a bit pessimistic to people who don’t know you well, but you always know that all good things will come to an end one day.

And now, dear reader, what did you see at first glance in the picture?