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In an exclusive interview with iProfesional, Krishna Rani, employer branding manager of Facebook, tells what the social network is looking for among the candidates

It is the dream of many young Argentines to start their professional careers in a large company with international projection. That is what the social network began to offer you just a few days ago Facebook.

The platform founded by Mark Zuckerberg opened the 2021 edition of its international internship program for Latinos. There are 40 vacancies for you Students from the region go through a 12-week training experience at the company’s headquarters in the United States or the United Kingdom.

They will be to carry out the internship on a starting date agreed between the company and the student out of 10 possible 2022. And ideally, if the context of the health emergency allows it, they will be as usual face-to-face, with assistance from Facebook for travel and living expenses. In the event that it continues to operate remotely throughout the company as it is today, this collaboration will also be at a distance.

There is no less data: there are many chances that the “graduates” of the internship program return to work in fixed positions on Facebook once they finish their undergraduate degree.

“On Facebook, the percentage of participants in this program who later join the company is high in relation to other companies,” confirmed Krishna Rani, Facebook’s Employer Branding Manager, in an exclusive interview with iProfesional from São Paulo, Brazil.

Since 2015, about 380 latinos passed through this specific formation, and around the 85% of students participating in general internship programs on Facebook Are hired.

-How is Facebook’s international internship program?

We have this program internships since 2015. They are for Latino students studying computer science, computer engineering, and other technology-related careers today, so they can have an experience with a Facebook team from the United States or the United Kingdom. The program lasts more or less in 12 weeks and they can choose in which team they want to be located, in which country and type of project. They are helped with the relationship procedures, visa, tickets, accommodation. There is no quota for interns for the United States or the United Kingdom. What we do during the program is to understand what kind of projects are interesting for each talent so that when we incorporate them, we can host them in the best team according to their preferences.

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Krishna Rani, Employer Branding Manager de Facebook

-Why is the company looking for interns from Latin America to train abroad?

-The idea of ​​recruiting Latinos to integrate them into our offices in Anglo-Saxon countries arose in 2015 from the hand of our philosophy, which is the center of everything we do. There are 3 billion people who use Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, so it is important that we have a broad representation among those who are building services for them, so that they can actually have real impact in the people who are going to use it. Latin America is one of the main users in terms of volume of our services. Although much of it is Brazil, in Latin America we have a very high usability of our products and that is why it is important that they are represented among those who develop our services.

-What characteristics should applicants have?

-It is important that they are people who are studying a bachelor’s or master’s degree and have experience of at least one year with some computer languages. Also that they have a minimum handling of English language to be working in global teams. It is difficult to talk about a profile of Facebook interns, since we always seek to attract a diversity of people, gender, social landscapes, etc. But on the other hand, there are elements of the Facebook culture that are important, like having a sense of collaboration and teamwork. We are a company where global communication is seriously lived, and being able to manage in that environment is essential.

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We also have among our values ​​something very ingrained, which is to work with impact in everything we do, no matter what team you are on. Our mission is to empower communities and communicate more to the world, so the impact we seek transcends the company. The people who join must have that social look. Lastly, we are a technology company, and so there is a dynamism that demands a bit of speed and flexibility. They are important elements in the day to day.

-Do interns are usually hired by Facebook afterwards?

-Many of the young people who go through this 12-week experience they return to their country, they finish the race, and Facebook rehire them for a fixed position. That is precisely the idea, that in those two weeks the young person has the opportunity to learn – that’s why we invest a lot in teaching about these technologies that we develop – and that they can return one or two years later, already with a panorama of what it is like to work in the company.

-What is coming for the talents of Facebook from now on?

-Our tools ended up being very useful and most used in this period of pandemic. Communications became WhatsApp, Facebook Live became very relevant, and small and medium-sized companies, which suffered the most, were able to create value through our services. We develop impact products to help in these situations. In some markets we have a button that helps people donate blood when their type and factor are needed; in the same way we have the button to indicate when it is safe in an emergency, such as an earthquake. The pandemic is a situation like this, where new opportunities arise to develop technologies. And at the talent level, the pandemic changed many things. The office was a determining factor in whether or not a person decided to accept a position. But now you will be able to consider working remotely for companies that you may not have considered before. That will allow us to access talent that we could not attract before.

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How is the Facebook internship program

Point by point, how to apply to Facebook's international internship program

Point by point, how to apply to Facebook’s international internship program

Facebook, with more than 56,000 employees worldwide, has more than 40 open vacancies for Latin American students as part of their international internship program.

“The call is now open. There is no fixed completion period and the possibility of registering will continue until we have filled the vacancies, but we estimate that it will be approximately until June,” Rani revealed to this medium.

The positions are for software engineers Y front-end, in the offices of USA Y UK.

Internships include: competitive salary, accommodation, cost of visa procedures, round trip, transportation, meals, benefits (gym, health insurance, events, tutoring, etc.), equipment (cell phone and computer)

The minimum requirements son:

  • One year or more of experience with Perl, Java, Php, Python, or C ++.
  • Students currently enrolled in an undergraduate program and in the process of earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Computer Science or a related field.
  • Students should feel comfortable communicating in English as the two interviews are conducted with engineers from the UK and US offices.

To publicize the program, the “Dare to fly” campaign was launched on April 8, a series of five videos – each with a character who already participated in the program and became effective – which will be broadcast in the coming weeks on the Facebook racing page. The main message is to show interested candidates that it is possible to fulfill the dream of working in the United States and Europe.



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