Look inside: Prince Maurits house for rent

The house where Prince Maurits lived for years with his family is for rent. It is a beautiful building in Amsterdam South. Take a look inside the beautiful cottage!

The luxury home is in a prime location and has a living area of ​​203 square meters. But for those who are interested, you have to dig deep into their pockets…

7000 euros per month

The house is for rent for a price of 7000 euros per month. In addition, a one-time deposit of 14,000 euros must be paid, KnownBuren reports.

But the tenant does get a lot in return. The cottage has seven rooms, including five bedrooms and two bathrooms, spread over three floors. Of course, the house has a luxury kitchen with all necessary appliances and a garden of 45 square meters.

View photos of the house here

Villa in Breukeleveen

Although it says in the Land Registry that the address is still in the name of Prince Maurits, it is a former property of the Prince. Maurits has lived there with his family for years, but last summer bought a villa worth almost two million euros in Breukeleveen.

The villa is located on the Loosdrechtse Plassen and is a beautiful sight to see. It includes a library, wine cellar, gym and sauna. Mabel’s villa currently under construction is a stone’s throw away.

marital problems

Last year there were persistent rumors that the marriage between Maurits and Marilène is not going well. On terraces in the area where the family lives, it was buzzing that when the children are out of the house, the plug will be pulled from the marriage. But after it became known that the couple left for Breukeleveen together, the rumors quickly passed.