“Look who crawled back”: Users ridiculed the release of Watch Dogs: Legion on Steam

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Legion, the latest installment in Ubisoft’s popular action-adventure series Watch Dogs, has been added to the Steam store 2 years after launch, originally released on October 29, 2020. You can get Watch Dogs Legion Deluxe Edition for 80% off on Steam, but do you need it? The game received mixed reviews from players and critics on release.

Create a group of agents by recruiting any of the inhabitants of the city. Hack equipment, penetrate secret objects and fight. Welcome to resistance. You can play for any Londoner. Each has its own story, character and set of skills. Hack drones, use spider bots and augmented reality.

Steam users are not particularly happy about the appearance of the game in the store and at the moment the project has only 69% positive reviews, many of which are caustic.

As they say, thanks to the Epic Games Store for the beta test

There are no achievements, no optimization, no plot, no AI, no interest, and soon there will be no ubisoft itself. But the most terrible launcher is right there.

“Watch Dogs: Legion will never be released on Steam.” Look who crawled back?

Another creatively dead game in the style of “yubi-garbage”. At the moment it’s just sad.

But in fact, most users are unhappy with the fact that Ubisoft does not try to properly integrate their games into Steam and does not add support for achievements and other features.

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