Looking for a mobile application to bring together all modes of daily transport

You live in a charming, flowery and quiet village in the Loire. You work about forty kilometers from the entrance to Saint-Étienne. However, to get to this shoe repair shop in Saint-Etienne, you have to take your bike (but you can’t find safe roads and the journey is a bit long) or your car (the carbon footprint and the price of gas put you off) . To access public transport, you have to take a bus that is out of reach on foot and has fluctuating schedules, especially if you work late at night.

The Loire conurbation has become aware of this difficulty. It offers, on the same mobile application, to make the journey by combining, for example, carpooling and the tram. A solution that the European Commission wants to push. This year, European Mobility Week highlights intermodal travel. Objective: to simplify the journey of the user and allow him to switch from shared car to train without booking on two different mobile applications. Outside Île-de-France, in the 10 main French cities, the number of journeys combining several modes of transport has tripled over the past 20 years. Lyon, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Grenoble and even Rennes are experiencing spectacular increases.

Buses, metros, taxis, car-sharing cars, self-service bicycles, scooters. So many means of transport available to travelers who sometimes have trouble finding their way around to plan their journey. The “Mobility as a Service” concept aims to optimize everyone’s travel.