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Looking for sponsors for the 4L Trophy – 4L Trophy 2022 – Better work

by archyw

They are students at the University of Technology of Compiègne and they will participate, from February 16 to 26, in the 4 L Trophy, a humanitarian rally that takes place in France, Spain and Morocco. Matthieu Dumail and Margaux Peixoto will be part of the 1,300 teams entered, members of more than 1,400 schools.

The two UTC students will take “50 kg of school, sports and medical equipment aboard their racing car”, a Renault 4 L, in order to distribute everything to schools in Morocco. “The event also allows the construction of several schools every year in Morocco”, explain the two students of UTC. They are currently looking for sponsors to help with the purchase of school supplies.

Via a campaign of crowdfunding on the kisskissbankbank platform they are gold and already succeeds at 1,210 € – Bravo to them! In the end, the 2 students are looking for a budget of 8,190 euros.
To do this, they call on companies to become their sponsors and they organized a sale of pens in the colors of the 4L Trophy on Saturday, October 1, 2016 at the Carrefour de Venette.

More info about this crew on their official website: www.susuwatariteam4l.com

Their car being prepared – with the old sponsors to be withdrawn …

Good road !


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