Looking to the future – Advertorial –

Sustainability is booming – and that’s a good thing. After all, climate change affects us all and how well we get it under control today will determine how we live tomorrow.

“At Hypo Vorarlberg, we are constantly working to live up to our responsibility as a responsible regional bank on the product side as well.” dr Wilfried Amann, Member of the Management Board of Hypo Vorarlberg

Shop regionally and seasonally, just leave the car behind and repair it instead of buying a new one: there are many ways to live more sustainably in everyday life. Even small changes can make a big difference! In the meantime, however, more and more people are willing to go one step further – for example by making their energy consumption more sustainable with solar energy.

Use the power of the sun

Those who generate electricity themselves on the roof not only make themselves less dependent on rising energy prices, but also protect the climate and thus make a valuable contribution to achieving the climate goals of the state and federal government. In order to promote this, there are subsidies that are currently making the construction of a photovoltaic system more appealing than ever before.

New credits for new times

Hypo Vorarlberg would also like to make its contribution to a climate-friendly future and has therefore developed special financing solutions with doma vkw Energietechnik GmbH for everyone who wants to make a sustainable investment. A quick climate loan and a climate loan are now available at particularly attractive conditions.

Do great things together

Whether it’s a photovoltaic system, a general renovation or an e-car: you would like to implement a sustainable project in the near future, but are still unsure about the financing? Just come by, call or write – Hypo Vorarlberg offers comprehensive advice for everyone who has plans.

Data & Facts:

  • Special financing solutions on reduced terms
  • Suitable for sustainable investments in the areas of housing and mobility
  • Climate quick loan up to EUR 40,000
  • Climate Credit also over EUR 40,000
  • More detailed information to the offer as part of a non-binding consultation

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