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Looks like China… The first overseas representative office with the name of ‘Taiwan’ opened

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Former Chinese ceremonial capital ‘Taipei’ used
Supported by Lithuania under communism
China ‘follows the one China principle’

During a press briefing held in Taipei on the 20th (local time), Taiwanese Foreign Minister Wu Zhao-Xe announced that it had decided to set up a Taiwan representative office in Vilnius, the European capital of Lithuania. Photo Captured from a video provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan

Taiwan opened its first representative office in Lithuania in Eastern Europe under the name of ‘Taiwan’ rather than the capital ‘Taipei’. Taiwan hailed it as an achievement in a poor situation with only 15 diplomatic ties left in China’s omni-directional diplomatic offensive, and China strongly opposed it.

According to Tsuyushibo on the 20th, Taiwan agreed to set up a representative office in Lithuania and decided to use ‘Taiwan’ in English for the first time. “It is the first time in 18 years that Taiwan has a representative office in Europe after Slovakia in 2003,” Foreign Minister Wu Zhaoshe (吳釗燮) explained.

The Taiwanese Representative Office in the Lithuania contains Taiwan instead of Taipei. Slovakia also has a Taiwan representative office, but the English name (Taipei Representative Office) is used. This is because they were aware of China’s objection that “Taiwan is not a country, but a part of China.”

“China opposes any form of official travel between the diplomatic ties and Taiwan, and opposes the establishment of representative offices in Lithuania,” said Zhao Lijian, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China. We urge them to keep their promises to establish diplomatic ties.” Lithuania, the eldest of the three Baltic States (Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia), has a strong antipathy towards the Chinese Communist Party due to its antipathy to the former Soviet communist rule. The three Baltic countries are a country with great aspirations for democracy, with 2 million citizens holding a ‘Baltic Road’ protest demanding complete independence from the Soviet Union in August 1989 by forming a 675 km human chain. Analysts say that they understood the situation of Taiwan under pressure from China and publicly expressed support for it. Lithuania, which established diplomatic ties with China in 1991, withdrew from the ’17+1′ economic cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European countries in late May of this year, emphasizing that it should support Taiwan’s efforts for freedom in October of last year. Recently, it also provided 20,000 doses of AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine to Taiwan.

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