MEXICO CITY (APR) .- Although he clarified that various aspects of his inauguration have not yet been defined, President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador advanced part of the plan and schedule of activities on December 1.

At a press conference, he commented that the inauguration ceremony, in which he will be protesting as president of the Republic, is scheduled for 11 am in the Congress of the Union.
Then, he will go to the National Palace for a meeting with heads of state, government and representatives of other countries and multilateral organizations.

In addition, he announced that there will be an artistic festival that will start at 4 in the afternoon and, an hour later, direct a message from the presidential balcony of the National Palace.

Once concluded his speech, López Obrador will go down to the Zócalo to be invested in a ceremony called by indigenous peoples, who will give him a baton of command.

"After that cane ceremony, follow the cultural artistic festival in the Zócalo. I invite all Mexicans because it's going to be a party. It is not a change of government, it is a change of regime. "

As he has said on other occasions, on the night of December 1 he will not sleep in the National Palace, but will return to his private home, where he plans to live next year, until his youngest son completes primary school.

Then, he said, it will be decided by two options: living in a department in the National Palace or renting a house that is located between the seat of the Executive and the child's school.

"My opponents have said that since I am not going to live in Los Pinos I am going to live in the National Palace, as if I were going to close the entire palace. No. I'm not a monarch, I'm a Republican. I already said it on one occasion, (I just need) a small space to live, to rest, "he said.

Finally, he reiterated that he will remain with the 20 elements of the presidential assistantship, without escorts, who will be the same ones who support his family and who will only have security teams, the officials responsible for the security policy.


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