López Obrador says that attacks against his youngest son are desperate acts

The president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He pointed out this Sunday that the campaign of attacks orchestrated on social networks against his youngest son, Jesus Ernestis an act of desperation by his opponents, who said that the “political problem” they have is with him, and not with the minor.

On Saturday, on social networks, a photo of the minor was published that went viral, which reported hundreds of offensive messages to the teenager and accusations to López Obrador.

Yesterday my poor son, that I love him, Jesús (Ernesto), is overweight, you already know the age of adolescence, what it is like; a photo comes out and they viciously attack him“, exposed the president during the inauguration of the first stage of the Libramiento (road work) Poniente de Acapulco, in the state of Guerrero, where he has been on a work tour since Friday.

“That is cowardice, the problem is with me, not with him,” López Obrador said in an annoyed tone.

“Even in the real mafias the family is respected, but I understand it, it is a degree of desperation (of the opposition) because they cannot, and why can’t they? Because they do not have love for the people, that is why they do not they can,” he said.

Said Although the black campaigns and slanders against his government continue, “we are going to come out unscathed” and he recalled that two years of government remain “but since we work 16 hours a day it is as if four were missing.”

The attendees expressed their support for them by saying “another six, another six”, but the president replied: “No, not another six, effective suffrage not re-election”, emphasizing, as he has already said on several occasions, that he is not interested in the re-election, in addition to the fact that in Mexico it is not possible.

On the tour of the state of Guerrero, which began on Friday morning and ended this Sunday at noon, he visited the area of ​​the Montaña de Guerrero and the Costa Chica, and closed in Acapulco.