Lord – Battlefield 2042: very bad ratings on Metacritic and Steam

The launches totally failed, the gaming world has known several. We still remember the Cyberpunk 2077 episode which continues until today, almost a year after the great controversy. No one would have imagined that one day, an opus of the cult Battlefield saga will join the ranks of these video games deemed mediocre by gamers. However, Battlefield 2042 has just recorded one of the worst ratings on Steam, a few days after its release.

The descent into Hell

At first, Battlefield 2042 seemed pretty satisfying. On the first day of launch, the title had an average of 81% favorable reviews on Metacritic. The Electronic Arts FPS was then doing better than its biggest competitor at Activision, Call Of Duty: Vanguard which had 75% positive reviews. Things quickly changed with the opening of video games to the general public. Gamers quickly noticed all the bugs in Battlefield 2042, its imperfections and its lack of finish. The descent into hell has begun.

Disillusionment is great among gamers. Everyone was waiting to be dazzled, surprised and amazed by the new installment of a cult action video game saga. Moreover, everything seemed to predict the arrival of an ultra-perfected blockbuster like Forza Horizon 5. Several major studios including DICE were working on development. Electronic Arts brought out the big game in terms of communication and promotion. Finally, the release date of Battlefield 2042 had been pushed back to allow developers to take the time to finish it well. All this to achieve a bad result.

As of this writing, Battlefield 2042’s Metacritic rating has plummeted to 2.3 / 10 with over 26,000 bad ratings. She’s not better on Steam. The title of DICE accuses 10,000 positive evaluations against 32,000 negative evaluations. The fact is that disappointed gamers have not hesitated to resort to review bombing, the tendency to bombard bad games with horrible ratings on aggregator sites. They had done the same during the flops of GTA: The Trilogy Definitive Edition and eFootball 2022.

What doesn’t work in Battlefield 2042

We are then entitled to ask the question: what is wrong with Battlefield 2042? In short, a lot of things. Above all, it seems that the game displays a lot of lags. Some icons are not displayed, the characters suffer from bugs, the environments are badly finished and more. Many also talk about the poor design of “All out Warfare” mode. The problems would occur more on the PC version than on consoles. It would certainly sound like a lack of optimization for the Windows platform.

In any case, Electronic Arts will have a lot to do to catch up. The editor has not yet commented on the subject. The reaction, and perhaps an apology, should not be long in coming. We also know that two corrective patches should already arrive in December. Will they be enough to fix all the lags in Battlefield 2042? The future will tell !!!