Lorena Castell recovers the illusion of love with an attractive actor

Lorena Castell has started a romance with the actor Rubén Bernal, who already knows the son of the ‘Zapeando’ collaborator

Lorena Castell has a happy heart again and she couldn’t be happier. Two years after breaking up with businessman Eduardo Dabán, father of her only child, she had not known a stable partner until now! The ‘Zapeando’ collaborator has spoken openly during her participation in the ‘Unexpected Encounters’ program of the sweet stage that she is going through with the actor Rubén Bernal, popular for his roles in ‘El secreto de Puente Viejo’ or ‘Centro Médico’.

“Right now I have a partner, although I have been without her for a long time,” she confessed to Mamen Mendizábal while acknowledging that she had felt the same again as when she was a teenager. Although when she went out to flirt she always set a limit, for Lorena in love there is no age: “I am 41 now, I think about when I had dates with 18, 25 or 32, that all the time I had that bug, but what I felt I’m sorry all the time”, he confessed without being able to erase the smile from his face. “You’re the age of turkey also with 40, when you start with someone you’re the same. And it freaks me out”he said without being able to contain the illusion.

Lorena and Rubén, 41 and 33 years old respectively, have been dating for several months and it is common to see them share affectionate and complicit messages in their respective posts on social networks. His thing would be very serious and it is that the young man would have already met Rio, the collaborator’s son who recently turned 3 years old. In fact, just over a month ago the three of them traveled together in a caravan along the Mediterranean coast. Of course, for the moment the couple is reluctant to share images together and prefer to live their love discreetly.

Before Eduardo Dabán, Castell was married to popular musician Juanito Makandé for two years.