Lorenzo Méndez’s ex-wife considers Chiquis as the second mother of her daughter | The last

Claudia Galván shared that she sent a message to Chiquis on Mother’s Day

The problems between

Claudia Galvan,

ex-wife of

Lorenzo Mendez,


Chiquis Rivera

have remained in the past and now maintain a good relationship for the sake of Victoria, the daughter that the model had with the ex-vocalist of La Original Banda El Limón.

In an interview with the program ‘Suelta la sopa’,

Claudia shared that Chiquis it is like a second mother to the 10 year old girl.

“Right now I have a nice relationship with Lorenzo and Chiquis, Victoria is very lucky because she has three parents, she has two moms and a dad; that girl is surrounded by love”He shared.

Lorenzo have spent part of their quarantine in Los Angeles in the company of Victoria, and they were even together on Mother’s Day, something that did not bother the youtuber.

“Victoria was going to be there, in LA, for Mother’s Day, and it doesn’t affect me in the least, she also has to live with her father and now with her father’s wife who is a stepmother, although it sounds ugly, but she is a good stepmother ”, he specified.

The coexistence between the two is on good terms, to the level that Claudia sent a message to Chiquis for Mother’s Day for taking such good care of Victoria.

I sent Janney a message saying happy mothers day because even though Victoria is not her biological daughter she loves her very much, She treats her very beautifully and well there she is, it’s like her first mother’s day and she also told me the same thing, and the two of us who are strong, brave and mop women ”, she specified.

Additionally, Claudia revealed that legal issues with Lorenzo and Chiquis they finished, as they had spoken to withdraw the lawsuit I had against them. “It was a subject that did not have to continue, with Lorenzo I had already talked about it, with Janney too, and then we brought in the lawyers to be able to finish that,” he said.

After being questioned about the images in which she posed with Chiquis during Victoria’s birthday party, last March, Claudia shared that at first she thought it would be weird, but the good attitude of both made them not have an incident.

“We salute each other, we were there for Victoria. I want my girl to grow up well, have harmony, happiness, and Victoria had a beautiful party, “he said.

Through their stories of Instagram, Chiquis She shared the gift Victoria gave her for Mother’s Day, since in addition to giving her a bouquet of flowers, in a basket, she placed some things that she might like, such as a bottle of wine and some sweets.



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