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The Tanzwerk Dreiländereck with three active teachers showed how, with light movements and a little practice, gravity can be overcome as a matter of course.

The table tennis station offered training opportunities for little ones with a mini table, but also for specialists who could hit figures with the light ball and a lot of skill and thus collect points.

And at the Taekwan-Do station, people dressed in white robes demonstrated what you can achieve with all your strength and concentration according to the ancient Korean rite – above all, joie de vivre, when mind and body are in complete harmony with each other. Hand paddling was in demand in the diving pool. The boat only had to be brought to the finish line by hand.

The organizers of the youth sports festival were satisfied, as was Jens Hoffmann from the sports PR agency Sportalis: “We are very pleased that it is starting again. There is always a family and relaxed atmosphere in the park swimming pool.”

With water splashes

A highlight was the coronation of the “Splash King”. The jury with Melanie Kasper from Badenova and Jens Hoffmann rated the “most beautiful” jump from one to six and then the most powerful bottom landing with thunder and splashes of water. To the cheers and applause of the audience, Aysien, William, Fabian, Mylan and Malte received the most points. Fabian Müller became “Splash King” by a good margin.

Free entry to the bath

In addition to these challenges for 800 children, many families used the free entry for sun and bathing fun. It was a normal working day for the lifeguards: “A little girl was looking for her mum. She was soon found.” And the rescue service reported: “A few abrasions, nothing more. But it was nice to be here again.”

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