Lory Del Santo, sick at Briatore Cook’s Crazy Pizza

Throbbing stomach cramps, vomiting and asthenia. She was at Crazy Pizza by Flavio Briatore when Lory Del Santo, 64 years old next September, he accused an illness by his own admission “never experienced until now”. The Italian actress, director and photographer, originally from Povegliano Veronese, was at the first dinner away from home after 80 days spent on the Island of the Famous, in Honduras. A quiet evening, in the company of closest friends, to resume everyday life. “With enthusiasm”. Then the unexpected as she told herself to Fanpage. “Tuesday (June 14, ndr) I went to Briatore in Milan. I ordered a good pizza and a glass of wine. Great music in the background. Nothing more. I started eating and suddenly I felt bad: crampages in the stomach and sweating a thousand. I thought that a freshen up in the bathroom could be decisive, but nothing. When my friends saw that I was late getting back to the table, they came to check. Providential: I couldn’t stand up. They took me out and helped me. ‘
What may have happened is the person directly interested in explaining it. “After over two months on a desert island, eating 50 grams of rice per day, the body must have gone short. I think pizza is a little too much for my stomach at the moment. I should be lighter, at least in the early days. I treasure this experience that has me scared very much: I never thought that such a thing could happen ». Then Lory Del Santo, who tomorrow evening will be in the studio for the semifinal of the Canale 5 reality show, hosted by Ilary Blasi and with the participation of Nicola Savino and Wladimir Luxuria, said that she had spent «a particular and painful night. I was very cold: I slept with the duvet. ‘
Now the showgirl is fine. The craving for pizza has temporarily put her aside, despite the fact that «she was good and in fact my friends did not accuse the slightest discomfort. I try to prefer light foods: fruit, salad and so I try to help the body return to normal. Time is needed. In the meantime, I want to leave this bad experience behind: it ruined my homecoming ».
And we ask ourselves: is it right to subject the body to these extreme tests? In remembering that a correct, varied and balanced diet is the basis of healthwe underline how important it is to consult a specialist (also) when we have to make changes to our habits, especially if drastically as in this case.

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