Los Angeles Chargers could cut Allen and Everett

Will the Los Angeles Chargers fire two star players? According to The Athletic, wide receiver Keenan Allen (left) and tight end Gerald Everett (right) are among the team’s “likeliest cut candidates” for the upcoming offseason. According to the report, firing Allen would save the franchise nearly $14.8 million. With a cut by Everett, it’s almost $4.25 million. The franchise is currently nearly $23.4 million above the league’s salary cap. Wide receiver Allen had signed a four-year contract for almost $80 million before the season in Los Angeles, and he would get a salary of around $23 million in the 2024 season. With tight end Everett, it was a two-year, $12 million deal. He could also negotiate a contract with other teams after the coming season as an “unrestricted free agent”.