Los Angeles prisoners seek to be infected with covid-19 to gain freedom

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Sharing a mask or a disposable cup, a group of inmates from Los Angeles County tried to infect themselves with the new coronavirus to force their release, said local sheriff Alex Villanueva, according to AFP reports.

“There was a mistaken belief among the prison population that if we tested positive, we would somehow be forced to release more prisoners, which will not happen,” said Sheriff Villanueva.

The official cited videos captured by video surveillance cameras in mid-April in two modules of the North County Correctional Facility, located in Castaic, 67 km from downtown Los Angeles.

The first video shows an inmate sharing doses of hot water with a group of companions who were waiting in line to go to the infirmary. “They were trying to increase their temperature readings, to fake one of the symptoms,” said the sheriff.

In a second video, the prisoners shared a disposable cup and breathed with the same mask, which is unknown if it belonged to someone infected.



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