Lose Fat and Normalize High Cholesterol by Making Steeping Recipes ala dr. This Zaidul Akbar

MAPAY BANDUNG – A doctor who is also an expert on sunnah medicine in Indonesia, dr. Zaidul Akbar, this time will give a recipe for steeping eggplant.

According to dr. Zaidul Akbar, this eggplant steeping recipe has extraordinary properties for body health.

Dr. Zaidul Akbar, of which can be used to shed fat to normalize high cholesterol levels.

“This eggplant is low in calories, but has high fiber. It’s really suitable for those who are on a diet, because it (eggplant) can make you full without having to eat a lot, so the fat in the body will slowly fall out, cholesterol will also become normal,” said dr. . Zaidul Akbar.

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Reported from Instagram @dr.zaidulakbar.resep, Monday 25 April 2022, the following ingredients need to be prepared, including:

– Eggplant 2 pieces
– Water 600 ml.

How to make:

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