Lose right after winning! Is the confectioner swallowing tears?

Yes, there are also many viewers who wish Martina a victory, but they were still in the minority on Facebook yesterday. “So this didn’t work out, the winner was another baker or a baker. As soon as Zdeněk dropped out, it was all so weird. And then it went on and on, “Martina Linertová wrote. “Martina was definitely not the best, her previous performances certainly did not match that. She was only one baker a week, so no super star, “ the spectator with Lukyren’s profile got angry.

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Some fans of the show, who do not like the victory of the laughing and whistling mother of the little son, have chosen a different form of commentary. “Jana, Lucie and Markéta won for me,” Simona wrote. “I didn’t understand this series … Honestly, the enthusiasm for the front row left me about halfway through. The jury did not convince me and I think of Martina’s win. Yes, she did the last part, but that I would have felt that she was better than Markéta … “ The spectator of the same name, Markéta, ran into the semifinals, from which the great adept Markéta Tomášková (43) dropped out. Czech Television is preparing to criticize viewers in the coming hours of expression. The judges of the competition, Josef Maršálek, should speak mainly (40) and Míša Landová (47).

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