Lose weight with the rowing machine, how many minutes a day to use the machine

Lose weight with the rowing machine – here’s how to use this particular tool. How many minutes a day to get back in shape.

Training rowing machine (Youtube screen)


Il rowing machinealso known as rowing ergometer, is a somewhat unusual but effective tool to get back in shape. It recalls rowing movements but its particular training makes it complete and efficient for burning calories. It is a tool that allows us to carry out cardio practice, ideal for rowing athletes to train indoors.

The Concept 2 is also a great training tool and helps improve conditioned skills such as strength and endurance. The water rowing machine is also particularly effective for this type of training. The most stressed muscles are obviously those of the arms and back, in particular the lats, as well as the glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings. Its particular practice burns a lot of fat and therefore helps to lose weight and get back in shape. Being a cardio practice, it will also improve the cardiovascular system.

Lose weight with the rowing machine, unprecedented benefits

However, the movement must be harmonious and there is a particular technique to best perform it. All those who would like to try it must be aware that the first workouts are particularly hard and you have to get used to it; initially training twice a week is the right compromise to give way to a slimming goal that is sure to be effective. The first period takes about 20 minutes, to gradually increase over time even 3 times a week for half an hour.

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Before using the equipment, it is necessary to warm up and take care of stretching, a useful practice to allow the muscles of the legs and arms to better prepare for the effort. Considering that the training stimulus will be particularly high, we recommend maximum prudence before embarking on this specific path.