Bitter return for Britney Spears (36, "Toxic"
)? In mid-October, the pop star has again announced a regular show in Las Vegas, but the already available tickets seem to sell very slowly. At least that's what the "New York Post" reports. Their "Piece of Me" show between December 2013 and December 2017 was so successful.

Here are all the hits of Britney Spears on a CD!

Insiders are now to have revealed that all concerts in the first month so far not even half sold out. So it looks like Spears' new "Domination" concert series has not really caught the audience. For comparison: Lady Gaga's (32) scheduled show, which starts at the end of December, was almost completely sold out in the first week. And at a coming Aerosmith permanent show over 85 percent of the tickets had been sold in the same period.


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