Loss of Rp. 10 M Due to Trading Robots, This Man Reports to the Criminal Investigation Unit, Listen to Members Fahrenheit, ATG, Net89, DNA Pro

ABOUT CIBUBUR – The latest news that trading robot members need to listen to such as Fahrenheit, DNA Pro, Net89, Viral Blast, Auto Trade Gold (ATG) and others,

One by one, the victims began to dare to open their voices to reveal fraudulent investment scams in trading robots.

They reported to the police on suspicion of fraud committed by the management and owner of the trading robot.

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One of them is Chris Ryan who reported the fake trading robot platform Fahrenheit and the CEO of PT Fahrenheit Hendry Susanto to the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police, Wednesday, March 16, 2022.

In the case of the Fahrenheit trading robot, Chris Ryan admitted that he had suffered a loss of Rp. 10 billion. However, if from a temporary suspicion the Fahrenheit trading robot scam resulted in all members losing up to IDR 5 trillion.

“Reporting the Fahrenheit trading robot platform. My total loss is above Rp. 10 billion,” explained Chris Ryan to reporters at the Police Criminal Investigation Unit.

“If the value is up to IDR 5 trillion. But, as we have seen, it’s been more than a week since the scam was intentionally lost, so public funds are lost,” he continued.

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