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Lost his mind and died bankrupt lonely .. Secrets of the last days in the life of Abdel Fattah Kasseri

It is unbelievable to see the scenes and roles of the late comedian Abdul Fattah al-Kasseri, who commemorates his birthday today. This artist who laughed millions died alone, sad and bankrupt, affected by the betrayal of his wife, who took his property and married his adopted son, and even forced him to be a witness to her marriage contract His eyesight.

And in the life of this great artist, who enjoyed his unforgettable unforgettable experiences, including: "You are six months old, you are six months old, the butterflies of the butterflies, my words can never land. An unknown mysterious man could not be questioned or even known by his surviving relatives, including the nephew of his brother Najla Mohamed Fouad El Kasseri, who has over 60 years of age. She knows little about the life of her uncle whom she did not see and whose father died before his death. To his grave, where he separated from his family after his father expelled him and threatened to deprive him of inheritance Work in art.

Therefore, the researcher is located in the history of the life of Abdel Fattah Kasseri between two stories and two stories or more in many stations of his life, until the date of his birth, while some sources, including Wikipedia that he was born on April 15, 1905, confirms writer and art historian Maher Zuhadi, according to what he said in the life of the palace He was born on 15 April 1897.

The beginnings of the life of Al-Qasri, the son of Al-Akabarin, differ from his sad end, where he was born as a sculptor to a family working in the Al-Sagha.

Although he played the role of the son of the country and the uneducated teacher, Kasseri studied in Freer schools and was fluent in both French and English, but his father expelled him after he loved art and was boycotted by his family.

Al-Qusri performed in Al-Rihani's band. The son of the jeweler started the path of fame and stardom after he embodied the character of Ibn al-Balad, Hanooti and the teacher. During this period he married three, but he did not achieve the dream of procreation.

He was married to a young orphan who found him working at a grocery store near his home, and he took pity on him and took him to live with him. Then his young wife convinced him to write all his possessions under the pretext of fearing his family if he And then changed treatment to him, and began to feel that there is a suspicious relationship with his son adopted and doubted until he was affected by his health, and lost his sight during his participation in the play Alhabib mired in 1962.

The journey of torment of the palace began in the last years of his life after the deterioration of his health, where his wife abused his treatment, and locked him in the basement of the villa after forced him to divorce, and even to witness the marriage contract from his adopted son.

In 1964, Al-Gomhuriya published a picture of the palace holding the iron bars of its window on the ground floor. "The light and life began to gradually disappear from my eyes. I feared that I would complain to anyone. The door closed on him, From behind the window people are asked a cigarette, laughing young boys, while the ex-wife and her new husband go out every day for a walk with his money »

After the publication of the photo, Mari Munib and Najwa Salim rushed to visit him and accompanied by journalist Muhammad Duareh. As the journalist and historian Said Al-Shahat pointed out in his article "One day", the wife did not allow them to enter him until after suffering. The shock that he did not recognize them after he lost He died after several weeks in the hospital. After that, the organization closed his house and put the red wax in front of him to remove it. He sold his furniture and ran away with him. Her new husband, Al-Qasiri lived in the apartment with his sister Bahia, and he was given a monthly subsidy of 10 pounds. Only a few days later his soul rose to its creator on March 8, 1964, after a life full of art, laughter, oppression, injustice and sorrow. Only a few artists were able to reach him, and his sister Bahia, who died after him.



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