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German airline Lufthansa has decided to cancel 1,300 flights scheduled for Thursday and Friday, due to a strike that the pilots decided to do over the next two days.

The airline announced on Wednesday (November 6, 2019) an exceptional schedule of flights scheduled for the next two days, including canceling 700 flights on Thursday and 600 flights on Friday, out of the total 6,000 flights Lufthansa Group was scheduled to take over the next two days.

The flights also include flights to Lufthansa airlines, although the strike does not include Swiss, Austrian, Ideal Weiss and Belgian Airlines.

Ufo Aviation said it reserved the right to extend the strike to other Lufthansa subsidiaries. Lufthansa has already announced the availability of many possibilities to modify the booking for free, as a result of the strike.

Lufthansa had earlier lost a legal dispute to the Frankfurt Labor Court, but announced its intention to appeal the verdict to the Hessen State Labor Court, which means a court hearing could be held later on Wednesday on the legality of the strike called by the Ufo union. But the court has yet to set a date for the hearing.


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